What WE Do

Executive Search and Head Hunting
With a competitive market, and Companies expanding in Baja California or starting up operations, specialized and key talent is hard to find. At Talent Connect, executive search and head hunting is the core of what we do. We specialize in Medical Devices, Molding and Aerospace industries, but are able to serve automotive & electronic manufacturing and the service industry in general as well.

Strategically, we like to work with a select number of clients, in order to provide customized solutions with attention to detail, quality and high levels of efficiency, and total customer satisfaction.

We prefer to conduct Retained and Engaged Boutique Search, but we can accommodate working on a contingency basis for C Level, VP, GM Level, Middle Management as well as specialized-technical searches. Our candidate database is robust for positions in Supply Chain, Engineering, Finance Accounting, HR, & Manufacturing.

Our team includes seasoned recruiters with proven and extensive experience working with world class companies. We are ready to serve you.

Outsourcing, Staffing & Recruiting in partnership with PC Manufacturing

In this era of disruptive business models and rapidly-changing markets, businesses need to adjust quickly to changing market conditions. Businesses that lack the flexibility of responding to changing client, vendor, supplier and partner needs can find themselves at a distinct disadvantage. Can you improve the way you run your business without losing the focus on increasing your market share and client base? We partner with you to effectively address market challenges. We also help enhance your product and
services, and manage talent shortages while helping keep operating costs low. Now you can focus on your core business competencies with the flexibility you need to thrive in the toughest environments.

Through our partners at Haats by PC Manufacturing we have the capacity to provide human capital solutions at all levels including direct and indirect associates.

Roughly 18% of companies currently use personality tests in the hiring process, according to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management. This number is growing at a rate of 10-15% a year according to many industrial and organizational psychologists, as well as the Association for Test Publishers. When used correctly, cognitive and personality tests can increase the chances that new employees will succeed. Since the cost of a bad hire is widely estimated to be at least one year’s pay, there are huge incentives for organizations to get hiring right. We offer this tool for all our hiring processes.

Company Start-ups
Hiring the right talent can make or break any startup. We have extensive experience managing client services for companies on start-up, and rapid growth and expansion modes. If you are starting up your Company in the Baja California Region, Talent Connect is the right place to start. We will work with you start to end to help to understand hiring processes in Mexico so you can achieve all your talent acquisition needs at all levels. Talent connect can also help you set up your initial HR organization and process, and provide you with a variety of HR consulting services related to your start up. Welcome to Mexico!

Human Resources and Talent acquisition consulting services.
• Talent Acquisition Process and team implementation
• Talent Acquisition Process Streamline
• Employer Branding / Employee Value Proposition
• Competency Based Interviewing skills training for Hiring Managers
• Metrics /Recruiting Scorecards / Hiring Efficiency/Time to offer
   /Time to hire
• Employee Onboarding
• Employee Retention Analysis & Strategies
• Benefits & compensation analysis
• HR Investment vs Benefits Analysis
• Cost determination HR & Talent Acquisition
• Determination of Turnover Cost
• HR team and process formation for start ups